I Witness

By KangaZu

Lehigh Valley Zoo ...

... Maggie.

Today dawned nice and sunny so we decided to go to the Lehigh Valley Zoo as it's been a little while since we have gone.  

One of the things we were most looking forward to was seeing the three new male Mexican Gray Wolves ... plus the existing female.  When we first arrived there was a chain up across the entrance to the wolves ... as well as several other exhibits.  We were disappointed by this.  We finally tracked down a zoo employee and asked her about all the chains.  She said they put them up in the evening and guest services usually takes them down in the morning before the zoo opens.  And that we can take them down so as to get into the exhibits.

After learning this we hightailed it back to the wolves hoping that they would be out and about their enclosure.  The past several times we have been at the zoo all the wolves have been out of sight.  We were happy to see that the wolves were all out once we got back to their enclosure.  The main picture is of Maggie the lone female wolf.  She can also be seen in the upper left of my collage ... rolling around!  One of the three males is pictured in the lower right. 

We also saw the bobcat, Luani the otter and ducks in the pond ... all in my extra collage.  We had a really nice time there once we were able to see all the animals. 

Once we were back home I sat on the back deck with my squirrels ... hoping to see the chipmunk again.  No sighting the chippy today though.  

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