Family time

Today was an early start, and we no longer need an alarm clock with our boiler misbehaving. When it comes on in the morning it causes loud banging up the pipe and into the airing cupboard. Apparently the thermostat inside the boiler isn't working so air is getting trapped and makes the noise. Plus a load of other problems it's causing. Anyway, it got me up at 7, and I made tea and did a covid test. We were all up, dressed and tested by 9.30 and in the car packed up for a day in Cambridge with the Gibbs family.

Traffic was quite busy going down and so it took longer than usual. Unfortunately Jon's dad is still in Addenbrookes in an observation ward, waiting to be seen by a Dr. He did call during the day, and was sounding frustrated.

We had all taken food to share, and after a feast exchanged presents, which we always do secret santa syle by picking one person to buy for. Unfortunately there were a few people missing as well as grandad, so it felt like a small group. I forgot totake a photo until we were getting ready to head home, hence a picture of the remaining cousins with nana.

We had a few quizzes in which some did better than others! I was glad to be asking questions for 2 rounds, but in the Harry Potter round I got 2/18. Those 2 were pure luck too!

I've agreed to travel home in the back of the car with Mollie and Henry, so that Dan can sit in the front. It reduces the complaining. I'm going to shut my eyes now...I don't travel well in the back!

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