By pensionspoet

Old friends

An absolutely dismal day, weather-wise, but brightened by at last being able to meet with two of our best friends at a mid point between ours and theirs. That midpoint this time was Lynford Arboretum, which is basically a part of Thetford Forest. We met at a bit after 11 in a steady drizzle. There is a welcome coffee hut, so we had coffee and cake before we got started on our walk. Thankfully we all wore waterproof coats and walking boots, and proceeded on a comfortable walk around a series of marked paths (although we did end up on the dog agility path, and that had not been the plan!)

We chatted lots, as always, and Henry got lots of photos with his long zoom. There were a large group of siskins, plus a nuthatch and lots of blue tits. Poor Karen has only been allowed out today, having been tested positive for covid, together with Angus. So their Christmas has been very disrupted, with separate eating, and Neil has been sleeping on a mattress downstairs. A bit of rain was not going to stop us!

We headed to our respective homes at about 2, and have sat about for the rest of the day! Eating bits and pieces - rather too much chocolate, and got into our pjs at about 4. Well, Mollie and I did anyway! Played some games, watched TV, checked on mum (who is fine and relaxed in front of her tv).

I think I need an early night with my book.

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