By hazelh


When I think about my main activities of the day, I wonder if I am two different people. This morning I went on a small spending spree with Mr hazelh on Princes Street (mainly in the Apple store). This afternoon with Mr hazelh's help, I turned the compost in my garden (blipped), then came indoors to darn four holey jumpers.

While I did the mending, Mummy hazelh and I watched an excellent BBC documentary about Alan Hull of Lindisfarne. I saw the band a few times when I was a teenager and had forgotten how much I love their songs. We also enjoyed spotting scenes that we recognised in the programme, including several shots of the band on Holy Island.

I'm still running the kitchen in this establishment. Tonight I served a concoction created from the non-turkey leftovers from Christmas Day. I have also baked a batch of flapjacks to take to Véronique's house tomorrow.

If things were different, we would have been with NadinePierce this evening celebrating Dr S's 50th birthday.

Exercise today: walking (12,520 steps).

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