By hazelh

Dancing snowflakes

A couple of of our neighbours have set up a wee light show that casts dancing snowflakes on the ground at the front of their house. My blip gives a sense of the display.

We resumed our places on the sofa early this morning to watch the last four episodes of the programme that we watched in yesterday's television binge. Now that we have finished our viewing, I can reveal that the show was The traitors. Katharine recommended it to us on Christmas Day. She was right when she told us that she thought that it was our kind of tihng. We were hooked within about 10 minutes. (I didn't give the name of the programme yesterday for fear of spoilers.)

We had hoped to go out for a proper walk this afternoon, but the weather was simply too grim. Instead, we made a quick (and necessary) dash round to LIDL.

Tomorrow evening we will be more adventurous: we have a dinner party invitation at the other side of town.

Exercise today: none (again!)

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