In flower

After what was for me a relatively quiet day, I spent a couple of hours sweeping the leaves, flower stamens and seeds of the Pohutukawa from the decks. Beside the steps connecting the main (top) deck to the middle deck is an Acanthus, which has not flowered before, or at least I haven't noticed if it has. That is my blip for today.

This morning, when I went into the front bedroom to get something I noticed that the blind in the window was bulging oddly. Investigation revealed that THE wisteria had forced entry through the louvre windows and was in the process of becoming rampant inside the house as well as outside. With regret, I trimmed some of it and ejected the rest and restored the windows to functional opening and closing.  THE wisteria certainly has a determination for life that is awe inspiring. 

Sadly, I am unable to post as an extra the photo I took to show it. Instead, I have been provided with an extra by a bright red flower on a vine which persists despite relative neglect.

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