On a late afternoon walk

An intriguing day, I'm still working remotely, as I have yet to be approved (by Occ Hlth) to return to the unit. Yesterday saw no admissions. Three patients moved from the intensive care ward to one of the main wards. Three or four of the remaining seven were ready to move out of ICU; but discharges needed to occur first. By midday only one had actually moved.

A great deal of time was taken up with a couple of the others due to unique and challenging aspects. Being at home with no opportunity to be seeing patients, I was readily able to orchestrate the actions of other staff, and by mid to late afternoon most was causing less angst.

S and I then filled the car with things we want to have in the A-Frame, and had a stress-free drive. After unloading the car I had a short walk with the camera. I wasn't in the mood for trees, which was the major view in every direction. So a street sign showing me the way home suffices for today.

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