A mono kinda day

As Indie & I headed across the play park car park there was a gathering of miniature Schnauzers & their owners. A new trend, Owners/strangers meeting up & walking with dogs of the same breed. Did the sausage dog advert on tv kick it off or was it vice versa??
Rain forecast but did'nt get any, so mild walking, around 15deg C, certainly did'nt need my jacket, but still plenty of water underfoot. The heath takes ages to dry out. This large puddle is on one of our circular walks, if I get indie to cross in the deep bit then she goes home clean and does'nt need hosing down. A cunning plan that works occasionally, she does however know that if she hangs a left it's shallower. It was definately a mono morning. We walked the old railway track to the river Bovey but it's still running high & fast so no dipper activity.
Dropped Indie back, then Trago Mills for petrol &wild bird food, Coop for provisions, I picked up sprouts, carrots, & a cauli, all reduced. Still looked lovely and fresh to me. Back to Mum's, a quick coffee. She walked along to a neighbour for coffee yesterday afternoon. She rang and asked me to go with her but I was keen for her to go out on her own. She was very reluctant, but did go. She's lost her confidence during this Covid business, her walking is'nt so good, but she is always fine walking around the supermarket with me, so I knew she would be fine, & she was.
I returned a missed call from the PCR test booking team from Torbay Hospital, booked my test, this Sunday at 9.50am.
I did'nt achieve what I thought I would do this afternoon, so tomorrow might be a creative day. :-)

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday

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