Keith B

By keibr

And then there was light...

Another grey day we thought as we set out on our walk. But then a few gaps appeared in the cloud, and a few minutes later this tiny patch of sunlight struck the corner of the distant ridge.  It was an obvious blip for all present. For the rest of the walk the patches of illuminated forest grew, though the sun never actually shone on us.
After that fall onto the ice while skiing yesterday my back is much better than I thought it would be, . Most of the time it doesn't hurt at all, which is great, until I forget about it and bend over to do something. Then it stabs me just under the shoulder blade!
The roe deer in the extra came visiting and liked it so much it decided to have a snooze on the far edge of the field. It sat there, eyes closed, chewing the cud, for about an hour before moving on.

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