By Terrifo

Abstract Thursday

Strange old day today. Here this afternoon it is 14'C outside!  It is the end of December, less than 48hrs before the start of the New Year!. I live in the Northern Hemisphere!!

A friend dropped by for a coffee this morning after she had finished her shopping, and brought homemade mince pies, yummy. I then dashed off to Westward Ho! in the hopes of the Turnstones, but by the time I got there the weather had changed, lots of mizzle, with short sharp showers, so came home. and had lunch. 

Have been to the Supermarket this afternoon. Only a few bits and bobs. It was chaos down there as far as the car park was concerned. The store its self was busy, but not to warrant the traffic. People had parked in there for the town shopping or maybe they were going to the Leisure Centre to get their jabs. Back home now with a cup of coffee, and my last mince pie with brandy double cream, very yummy ;-))

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