a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Getting closer

The temperature was 16C today, the last day of the year here in the UK - that's just weird, it is way too warm, more than 10C over the seasonal average.  It was a bit dark but the camera seems to be able to cope with ISO2000 without loosing too much detail.

I managed to get closer to the buzzards today.  I'd like to get closer still but this will do for today.  I think I ended up seeing 3 separate buzzards during my afternoon, certainly I saw a pair, as I saw them together.  In the process I also saw a red kite in the distance, which I've never seen locally before. Although I tried to follow it to get a decent shot, it didn't hang about and I didn't manage blip.

While I was lurking behind hedgerows doing all of this, I took the first extra, which is a closer shot of a linnet (you may recall that I saw a charm of linnets on 27th December).  

Finally, I was surprised to see a small flock of golden plovers in their winter plumage which are my final extra.  

So that brings me to the end of 2021. In a normal year we would be looking forward to the New Years Eve party hosted by some good friends.  Instead we will have a much more sedate evening, just the two of us.  

I don't intend making any resolutions this New Year, but as the old year leaves and the new one arrives I do wish you all the very best for a healthy and happy New Year wherever you are.

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