What a mild New Years Eve!

It's been amazingly mild for 31 December, so much so the girls were out in the garden playing on the swings, the motorbike (toy one) and with the fairies.
They arrived back from a few days in Stamford, it was really lovely to see them again. We've got them now until the 4 January.
Had a lovely evening with them before they went off to bed. Marlane asked me to get the original 'Snow White and the 7 Dwarf's' on Disney+ and cast it to her TV so the twins could watch it. I still think the witch is far too scary for a childrens film! She's really evil.

And wishing you all a very good, happy and healthy, 2022. Got to be better than the last two years anyway.
Of course, it's already 2022 in Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, India and Oman.

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