By Ingleman

Before And After

A good day after a quiet hogmanay (Is that a contradiction?) and after a very lazy start I had a happy few hours in the garden finishing off the slabbing outside the new extension. My blip is a comparison montage showing the trench for the footings in the first week of October, and the detailing which I finished today. It's not a huge building, but it's beautifully formed.

My son Joe had to go to visit some old school friends this evening, they have a young son and a baby on the way. As it was dry and mild I agreed to chauffeur him in style and we had a waft in the Jag. Sublime. There is nothing in my life's experience as fine as driving this car.... Nothing at all..... (Apart from a lemon curd doughnut)  and it was just wonderful. I stopped to top up with fuel because this is a very thirsty cat, and then I drove home with the roof down. What a bloody show off I am... But it was 'Fine and Andy'....

In my lifetime I have held my wife's hand as she gave birth to both our kids. (I still have the teeth marks in my thumb) I have been through serious ill health and I have watched Spurs losing to Liverpool in the Champions League final. But nothing is or has been as challenging as trying to drive this car within the 30mph speed limit. Oh for the open road!

Home now and grinning stupidly. Still thinking about that doughnut!! 

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