By Ingleman

Alone Again, Naturally

At this time of year my family seem to want to watch a lot of TV. 
Fair enough, but not for me. 

I have my man cave gin cabin shed to escape to, and my music. 

This blip is one of a group of my trinkets, including an abacus, an incense burner and my wooden solitaire. 

I listened to some of my favourite sounds (loud)  and finished off my Jack Daniels - one has to wash down the meds with something, don't you think?

Tonight there will be me and Mrs Me, J and Ell, our son and daughter. No one else. It will be a while before we all meet up again so I will not be a stick in the mud tonight.

My wife's birthday today. It's  a whole new year tomorrow. Reason enough to drink Ribena and sing songs,  I wish all my special blip friends good health and happiness. Have a great evening and a very Happy New Year.


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