Rodents rule

By squirk

Pre-train coffee

A day of travelling up to Inverness. We were relieved that the trains were running, both the local one and the intercity. Phew! With all the Omicron panic, we were quite ready to stay home if a spanner or two were thrown into the works, but all good.

We arrived in good time for the train. I even found a plain cheese sandwich (nothing touched by adding fancy brie or cranberry sauce) in Boots. When boarding the train, our carriage door was blocked by a lady and gentleman sorting out their luggage. Fred tutted and announced loudly that there were always some folk who held everything up. The chap turned round and cast Fred an almighty thunderous look, which dissipated when he realised that he knew us. Hah! We, of course, had spotted our friends and Fred was pulling his leg. It was unexpected that we'd all be in the same carriage, so that was a lovely surprise.

Another fun comment on the train came from someone's phone. The message alert was "Wae-aye... Message" in a Georgie voice. It cracked me up every time I heard it, which was often.

It's super to be in Inverness all ready for Christmas. Phew. And relax.

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