Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Piper's Protest

I didn't have to look back very far to find the blip I was looking for.  I knew it would be easy to recreate it today, and Piper did exactly what I thought she would.  As soon as her dad started shoveling the deck, she settled herself on a pile of snow and refused to move.  Funny story about her bed being out there too..... PD put down a small tarp yesterday and put her bed on it and she's been lying next to it in the snow.  I should have gotten a photo of that too.  Many thanks to ApolloFly for hosting MonoMondays this month!  Today's challenge is to recreate a previous blip.

Household chores being done today and I have a lot of paperwork to attend to.  I'll probably get to that tomorrow.  I guess my age shows when I call it paperwork because hardly any of it actually involves paper anymore. ;-)

I still didn't make it out of the house today.  It's so easy to just nestle in when it snows.  I am grateful that I have water aerobics to get me out of the house tomorrow!

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