Tony asked if I had seen the sliver of moon.  I hadn't so I looked and, blip sorted.

It's been a busy old day.  Saying that, it was my turn for breakfast in bed so I did a major catch up with the Archers and then was up just in time for the supermarket delivery.  Tony went off to walk in the frosty sunshine to Bingley to pick up those potatoes I had neglected to add to my order (!) and I set too (is it to or too??) with Joe Wick's senior challenge, a new year's resolution to do some strength and conditioning and rediscover my core which has gone walkabout over recent months.

Anxiety has been a big issue for folks through this pandemic and I haven't been immune, so I signed up for a six session online course with the local care trust who provide a bank of resources free to all.  Today was my first session and I made myself comfortable out of the way, i-pad on knee, logged in to the app awaiting........time passed, anxiety crept in, ha hah, what, why??  I checked the e-mails and found the smallest of links at the bottom of one sent back in early December - 'click here to enter meeting'.  Already ten minutes late, I clicked on the link and was told I had to download Teams - where was my password?! Thankfully I had only missed the introduction so I relaxed, enjoyed the sunshine through the window and took in the very useful information, and felt relieved to have taken the step to say I needed some support.

Afterwards I felt refreshed and messaged A, who had returned to online working today and had been concerned how she would manage.  She was up for a walk in the last hour of the frosty, sunny day, so it was on with the boots and up to hers.  We shared the stories of our days and she gave me some excellent advice on setting SMART goals (I shudder to remember those from lesson plan days when I was teaching....)

I'm now enjoying watching Lemn Sissay walking in Dentdale.

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