a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Birthday Girl

Cathy celebrated a significant birthday today, so it seemed only appropriate to feature a portrait of her as my blip.  As you can see, I'm a very lucky chap.

We had a lovely day with my siblings and their other halves who joined us for lunch.  At Cathy's request I cooked a boeuf bourginon, which I started cooking first thing this morning.  I'd never attempted this particular slow cooked stew before, but was really pleased by the end result.  Definitely a new favourite for special occasions.

After lunch we went for a much needed walk in the late afternoon sunshine.  It has turned reasonably cold now and the fresh brisk air is (for me at least) a big improvement on the recent mild weather.  There are some extras which show that things were very jolly....

Afterwards we enjoyed some video productions sent by family members who couldn't actually be with us.  They were all really good and had us in stitches.

Good times.

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