Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Another Cactus Flower

Now I have two blooming again and the other two have buds.  I like the feathery look of the petals on these white ones.  They are more delicate than the other colors. :-)

As planned, I spent the day on admin and was pleased with the amount I got done.  I made a list of what else needs to be done so I can get right back to it tomorrow before I lose my ambition.  Since it's snowing again (about 5 inches so far) and the temperature in the morning will be about 8 degrees (-13 C), we decided to skip the pool.  

My SiL didn't get admitted to the hospital last night.  After the doctor said he was going to admit her, he came back in and said he decided she could go home.  They must be triaging patients for admission and she didn't meet the criteria.  She was sent home with oxygen and she's checking her saturation regularly.  It's still low but a little better than yesterday and she feels a little better.  Hoping she will continue to improve!

Poor Becky has had a terrible cold for the last few days.  I am grateful that her Covid test was negative but it doesn't make her any less miserable.  I brought her a care package but left it on the porch.  I really don't want to catch it!     

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