Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

A very unusual Epiphany

And it is Epiphany! However, the day has been so non-stop, there has been no time to think about the Wise Men who Still Seek Him! ;)

Diane picked us up at 9:30 (just after the HDMI cable I ordered yesterday got delivered). We had a fantastic time exploring Al Seef and taking lots of pictures. I put on G's 60mm fixed focal lens, so had to work with that for composition (one gets lazy with a zoom lens!). I've chosen today's image partly to tie in with Abstract Thursday, which I almost never get to participate in. My extra is of my Mocha Frappe, a treat at the end of 6,000 steps!

Back home and I set up the new monitor and did my invoices. The garage got in touch to say the car was ready, so off we went. Diane offered to take us!

So pleased to say it is driving much better now, and I think we will see a big difference in fuel efficiency. We met up for a coffee with friend Farzan on the way back, an unplanned meet-up. It was good to see her and chat with her for an hour.

It's Friday tomorrow, and we would normally be saying, "It's the weekend," but we now have to wait one more day to do that! G has to go to school tomorrow. It's going to feel so weird!

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