Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I'm going to try to record this day super-fast before the clock ticks over to 8th Jan!

I had a slightly more relaxed morning as Diane agreed to a later start for our walk. She picked me up at 10 AM, and we did a bit of a march today to the end of the Al Seef Mall and then back to meet up with G for coffee. The day was dull, overcast and relatively cool, so I didn't get too much flak for the late start!

We had to get home early as I had to get to my desk and I have several things I want to do to be ready for next week. Pleased to say the most important things got done (printing and signing a contract for Cyprus, work, the ironing!).

I even got to bed by 10 PM as I was, er, really tired. Everything else will have to wait!

And it is Epiphany, and during one of the many Teams calls I had with colleague, Sarita, I was able to quote the phrase "Wise Men Still Seek Him". :)))

PS. I only took seven pictures during my entire walk! A record.

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