Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Another early start for G and for me as I had to walk over to see my friend Amelia! I saw some new and useful stores along the way - something you don't get to observe when you whiz past in a car!

It's been another day troubleshooting at work and putting things in place for next week. It is going to be super busy with two visitors! As always, I have a plan! The biggest thing to record today is a package that arrived from Amazon containing something we've needed for weeks. Thanks to Sohail, who got me access to it, we can now see what's in the fridge when we open the door. We can't resist opening the fridge everytime we walk past just to see the light!

We had a trip to Union to meet up with Edu - someone G knows. She was keen to get there for the appointed time, only for us to wait thirty minutes for him! My blip is taken by G on the way back from Union. I like how she's captured the fork in the road. It always signifies a choice is required as to which path to travel on. Read into that what you like. :))

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