Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

It's a Blast!

(29/1/23) Attempting to catch up on three weeks of back-blips!

Well, the day finally arrived! All that preparation to ensure that the week was clear and free of mundane chores. Thankfully, the morning didn't start super early as blast arrived in the early hours and would need at least the first day to get used to the time difference! :)

We met up around 11 and hit it off right from the start. In typical G & me style, we had a plan. There were dark clouds in the sky, but it was also strangely bright, so we walked down through Al Seef, past the Ruler's Court, finishing at the Grand Souk and old abra station. We took the abra to the Spice Souk and walked into the Gold Souk.

We hadn't been to the Gold Souk in years, and blast had never been before, so it was an experience for all of us! My extra shows some of the wonders to be seen. I thought it was amazing what they were doing with gold back in the late 90s, but it has gone to a whole new level. Gold clothes now. Shoes even. Honestly, who thinks of these things, and more importantly, who needs or wears them???

It started to rain while we were in the Gold Souk, which was not good news as we were totally unprepared for it. The plan to walk back to the hotel to get the car to go on to the next place changed, and after eventually securing a taxi and getting drenched, we walked into Wafi to see the many stained glass features it contains.

Lunch at Elements and coffee at Icons before meeting up with Farzan and doing the rest of the evening in her car. We had faloodeh in Afrina and drove on MBR Boulevard. It was BUSY! Oh, and if you wonder why there is a picture of G holding her phone, it's because she lost it in the taxi! I had paid by cash and not registered its details at all, so the fact that we got the phone back seven hours later was a small miracle. Blast was very impressed. :))

I think she was well ready to be dropped back at her hotel for a rest and to contemplate all that the day had held! I think we've made a new friend.

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