On the home straight

Another busy day trying to get organised. Mr PHL was in the garage building units in the afternoon whilst I shuttled between the kitchen and the office upstairs which has become the kitchen storeroom.

We’re having to keep the downstairs rooms mostly clear as the second delivery arrives tomorrow and won’t fit in the garage so will need to be inside the house.

All cupboards are now emptied just the cutlery drawer to tackle tomorrow. Phin’s food and snacks are bagged up and ready to move into the van on Saturday.

I emptied everything from the sideboard and then we moved it to the front room and I refilled it! I hadn’t realised I had so many tea lights and napkins! I plan to cull things once the new kitchen is installed and I’m ready to put things back.

I needed my bath after dinner as I’m very stiff with all the bending and stairs that I’ve climbed today!

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursday

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