By ArcLight

Leith tour of street art

We went out for a fairly long walk around Leith this morning, incorporating Stead’s Place, the Coatfield graffiti wall (the new Shona Hardie is splendid as is the new Ross Macrae which is in the extras), the market, Tiso (where I got a new coat fulfilling the function which the one I didn’t get from Seasalt last week was going to fulfil), and Ocean Terminal to collect prescriptions and pick up some stuff from Holland and Barrett. Mr A also bought a book in Waterstones. All in all, a pleasant wander on a day that was gradually improving, and turned out reasonably sunny in the afternoon when we were back home.

Since then, a couple of catch ups with friends - E in Harrogate and OT, who is currently in Athens, but should be off soon to New York. Trying to set up a catch up with the siblings, their partners and our US cousin towards the end of the month. Hopefully that will work out.

Meanwhile, as our outbreak of domesticity continues, we’ve now fixed a time for an estimator from John Lewis to come round and measure up for our new curtains in the living room. That will cost a pretty penny, as we have quite a lot of windows… But needs must. The current curtains are looking very bedraggled and after I’ve ummed and ahhed for years over what to do (should we have blinds…but I don’t actually like blinds…), we’ve decided in the last couple of weeks that it should be new curtains. It’s a good job that I’ll be getting a tax rebate. It will swallow that up…and more. But whilst we aren’t really travelling, we decided that we would try and get these things done.

We’re off into town tomorrow, and we will include a trip to John Lewis to look at materials in the mix.

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