Winter sunrise

For just a few minutes this morning, this was the view from our bedroom window.  In the time it took to get the camera, open the window and take three shots, the colours had flared and died away again, as cloud cover thickened.
I've had a good day, in terms of getting on with domestic stuff. I'm still working on a photobook each for Frieda and Luca, covering the time from birth to toddlerhood. I made progress with both of them today, and I should be able to finish them within the next few days.
After all that screen time in the morning, I went off into the garden this afternoon and got to grips with pruning two of the fruit trees that are due for a winter tidy-up.  The quince tree doesn't need much; it isn't particularly vigorous, and all that's needed is a minor tidy-up to remove twisted or crossing branches. But the espalier-trained mulberry is a different matter.  There's a good basic shape in place, but there are also long, lanky shoots everywhere... it's making its annual break for freedom. I've made a start, but I need to reread the fruit pruning book to finish it off properly.  I also need to replace some of the wire training framework, now that it's beginning to sag in places. A job for a mild, dry day, sometime before spring starts.

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