By MarilynParker

Maintenance trip

Went to replace a geocache today - #3 of our NNW series. It's a small climb ( I've not been up to due to the sciatica but I thought I'd give it a go.
Not far from GZ was a discarded fence post so I dragged it to the tree and used it as a ramp, then dragged it away again. 
However, when I looked up at the geocache I wasn't happy with it and after much deliberation I could not see anywhere suitable up the original tree. I dragged the post back and took the cache down.
I looked for a better tree and found one on the other side of the path and I managed to climb the short distance up without a ramp, placed the cache, measured the new coordinates and off I went.
On the way back, checking some of the other caches, I managed to stand in sloppy dog poo - lots of it and it was stubbornly stuck to one welly when i noticed it near the car. Back to the Old Coach Road and a lot of trying to clean it off on mounds of grass. Got most of it off but not all - wellies in the bag I keep for them in my boot and cleaned them off properly at home before binning the bag. Yuck!
Extra photo of some snowdrops alongside the path.
Pumped all my tyres up today but I had trouble with 2 of them - the arthritis in my fingers makes it a fiddly process to attach and detach the tube and consequently, I let some air out as I unscrew it - even though I put extra in I often find a tyre still udner-inflated.
One of the mysteries of modern motoring is that before I pumped the tyres up the rear driver side one was not flashing as low (it read 29) but after pumping them all up the rear passenger side one was still flashing low at 30! Grrrr.
Terry topped the 2 slightly under-inflated ones up for me when he got home and off the warning finally went.

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