Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Sometimes you just have to be domestic.   A big grocery shop this morning to fill the empty larders.  Walk in the moist grey that has returned.  Then the vacuum (H) and the duster, etc (me)  came out this afternoon.   About a year and a half before the pandemic, we finally let ourselves employ a cleaning service for this place as part of our “retirement home” mindset.  Then we had to let them go as no one was coming in. We’ve found ourselves cleaning less or are we just not caring/seeing? about the dust?   It’s plenty clean for now.    But I’ll be happy to give them their job back….soonish I  hope.
So …the mantel got dusted today...big deal.    humm, .a few extras seem to have appeared.   Maybe I’ll do a series of “stuff on surfaces.”

Bronze Sculpture  “Moon Goddess” by Alvin Meyer, Chicago, Ceramic object from Gränna, Sweden, print “Alone in the Forest” by PIcomodi,   just a crow, Coast Salish Loon bowl by Floyd Joseph, just another crow, old Argenta ceramic Swedish vase, tile by Quentin Bell, UK,  old brass candlesticks from Mexico.  Large painting “Sadness in the Garden” by Jo Max Emminger, Seattle .Faux marble top, me.”

Son sent photos today of the traffic police giving another useless ticket to all the RVs, and one of a needle in the grass at the playground…apparently there was a lot of drug activity on Sunday.  

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