By hazelh

Spent grain thief

Normally we would make our own way to Paddy and Caitlin's flat. However, yesterday Paddy drove over to collect us for the board games and Mexican feast in Portobello. This was because he had a delivery for us: two small sacks of spent grain from his brewing exploits for us to compost.

It was dark when Paddy arrived, so rather than add the spent grain directly to the compost, he left the sacks propped up against the bin.

When I popped into the garden this morning to put out some food for the birds, I discovered that that this was a mistake. I suspect that it was a fox who fancied a midnight feast. My first job of the day was to clear up this mess.

Monday is officially a non-work day for me, but I have neglected my research assessment work recently due to the pressure of conference submission deadlines. Added to this, I may lose Thursday as a working day because BT are coming to upgrade our broadband, so I thought it sensible to spend some time in the study today to catch up on reading, reviewing, and assessing.

I was sorry to see xxxx lose on University Challenge tonight, but here's hoping that the team will win the next two games and make it through to the next round.

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike.

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