By hazelh

Tea with an old friend at the Café Andante

This morning I enjoyed a lovely catch-up at the Bakery Andante on Broughton Street with my old running mate Frances. The pair of us used to run together when we were both members of the Omni Centre gym, just over a decade ago. Like me (with my toe, which I think must be broken), Frances is also injured at the moment. Her problem is her knee. We have agreed to run together as soon as we are both fit again.

After our get-together, I made a donation to the Bethany shop on Leith Walk, then wandered home via the dentist. I changed our check-up appointments for next week because we will now be away (following Mr hazelh's father's funeral on Friday).

I spent most of the afternoon writing letters while keeping an eye on email.

This evening we will continue watching the Stonehouse series.

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike.

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