(Almost) the last of the Christmas cake

My middle sister and brother-in-law came to visit us from Holy Island today. They arrived in time for lunch, then popped up to our corner shop (AKA John Lewis) to look at clothes. On their return to the house we served them afternoon tea. This included almost the last of the Christmas cake, as blipped.

Our visitors set off on their return journey with a car full of household items donated by our old upstairs neighbours: a vacuum cleaner, a huge mirror, a brand new freezer, and a set of stepladders. I also gave my sister some of the clothes and shoes that I put aside to donate elsewhere, and the ring that our not-so-little sister gave to me by accident for Christmas. Unfortunately the chocolates that formed the other half of the labelling mistake have already been eaten by my middle sister! We also handed over a bag of bark to our visitors.

Also today I returned Paper cup by Karen Campbell to the library (highly recommended), popped round to the supermarkets, and watched the last episode of Anatomy of a scandal as I exercised.

Oh, and we are blipping from the LornaLPodcast journal again. Please help out with location shots if you can!

Exercise today: 40 minutes on the exercise bike; small amount of walking (9281 steps).

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