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By keibr

Today's Event...

…was dinner at Rose’s. But it wasn’t any old dinner for Rose is celebrating her 75th birthday.
We met Rose around 36 years ago, when we first arrived in town. We all worked at the same language school, teaching (in our case) English to people going abroad to work on Swedish aid projects. It was a lively place to work, with many interesting (and very motivated) students, and the teachers were also an interesting group from all around the world.
At that time we would have been very surprised to be told that long after we stopped working there, (indeed, after we stopped working) we would still be good friends with four of those teachers, and in touch with others. Not only Rose, but also Claire, Lis, and Paco have all appeared in pictures here on Blipfoto, and perhaps Alex and Eva will appear one day. We have teachers of English, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili in that small group.  Rose is actually still teaching, and as I write this, the morning after the dinner, she will be participating in a meeting at the local community college!
We spent the evening sitting around the table, but very little time sitting still, as my photo shows. I did manage to get my photographic subjects to freeze for a picture, but this one, taken half-a-second later as they relaxed back into movement, is a more interesting image.
As always, it was a lively time with conversation flowing over many subjects, and telephones and computers popping out now and again to check details or find more information. We teachers don't like to get things wrong...

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