By flavia13


Both a frustrating and pleasant day today.

We  had decided we would both go over to Leighton Moss to do some bird watching.  We arrived about 10.15 and we somewhat dismayed to find the car park full of people, must have been somewhere between 20 and 30 of them.  All getting out of cars but obviously meeting up with each other.  Now they looked like they were a walking group, a bit large really but still - however if that's the case they shouldn't be using Leighton Moss car park as it is for visitors to the RSPB centre only - on the other hand they MAY have been walking around Leighton Moss.  So we decided if they were going to be doing that it was going to be somewhat noisy so we decided to skip it for today and will have to go on a different day.  A bit frustrating as Hubby had even remembered to bring his binoculars with him!!  Still never mind.

So we just headed for Arnside.  We walked along the shore towards Blackstone Point as the tide was out and I check the tide times and it wasn't due back in until this evening. 

There were quite a few people doing the same thing, mostly dog walkers, but not too many. 

We saw a jet fly overhead and I just managed to capture it, if you look carefully in the extras you will just about see it.

The weather was cloudy and sunny in parts.  I find it difficult to photogrraph some of the sands there as they were very much in the shade and come out looking black and much more like mud (hence the title), but further on it was fine.  We also passed a couple of fishermen - judging from the gulls nearby they were being relatively successful.

We then thought we'd go back to The Sandpipers for some coffee and an early lunch.  It was previously called The Ramblers and something else before that but I can't remember what.  I believe that Sarah from Thyme Out in Grange provides some of the cakes etc there so know they will be good.

Anyway we got there, guess what - they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - another frustration.  So we went to The Posh Sardine - also closed - I don;t think they open untili later this month.  We knew that the Levens Kitchens were also closed until about 17th January so we just came home instead.

As I said, in some instances somewhat frustrating, but also pleassant as Arnside is always lovely for a walk and we were out together in the fresh air so that has to be good right!!???

I've also included in extras a collage from my Pooley Bridge visit yesterday.  Included is a photo of The Pooley Bridge Inn, which I didn't want to go in on my own but I included it as we went in there a few times for evening meals on our honeymoon way back in 1975!!!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, stars and hearts for my Ullswater trip, all very much appreciated and I do enjoy reading them.

That's all for today - do take care and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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