By DonnaWanna

Natural Shapes Abstract

I liked the shape of these shells which have been waiting in the Blip Box for their moment in the sun ;o).  I put them onto a glass bowl with a bright light underneath and then poured sparkling water over them, made a nice mix!! 

Back to work today eeeek!!  It was so very busy that I didn't get to sit down all morning it was total mayhem and I have a feeling the whole town has been waiting for us to come back!!!  
It had its nice moments but mostly it was a total shock to the system after the very slow and peaceful holidays!!!!  The afternoon was also busy but at a slightly slower pace whew!! I’m sure tomorrow will be similar and then its the weekend!  Now that was a good plan to come back on a Thursday ;o)

Needless to say my body is telling me to lay down and stay down so I’m going to bed ;o). Catch up tomorrow night hopefully xxx

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