Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Natural Shapes

This is the natural shape of our Blue Spruce branches.  I tried 3 times to upload an abstracted version but it would only load to 84%.  I'm going to try again after I publish this.  If there's no extra, it didn't work. ;-)  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursdays.

I think I must have caught something on our shopping adventure a few days ago.  I was so careful, making sure my KN95 mask was sealed tightly and sanitizing my hands, but I woke coughing during the night.  I guess I could have caught something at the pool too, since we don't wear masks when we're in the water.  Wherever I caught it, I'm coughing and feeling pretty crummy today.  I guess I'll get tested tomorrow if I'm not better.

I'm grateful that I could just point my camera out the window to get this shot and I didn't have to go outside.  It's a nice day in the low 50s, though, and the snow is melting away.  I just didn't want to have to change out of my pajamas. ;-)

I'm not going to comment tonight but I'll come back and sprinkle stars so I won't get behind again. xx

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