By mollyblobs

Goldeneye on Golden Pond

I had been planning to go up to Frampton Marsh with Chris this morning to see if we could see the Red-breasted Goose that had been present yesterday, but after some deliberation I decided to give it a miss as I had a Zoom call at lunch time and didn't want to feel rushed. Chris went on his own and had a lovely walk, but he didn't catch up with the goose.

Instead, I headed to Deeping Lakes NR,  just up the road, and had an equally lovely frosty walk and spent some quality time with the rather distant Goldeneye and Goosander who were looking stunning in the low morning light. I even managed to get a view of the roosting Long-eared Owl though a birder's telescope, though it was very obscured by twigs and scarcely recognisable at all! 

I was home in time for a quick lunch before my meeting began. It wasn't the easiest meeting I've ever chaired, but I think we made progress, and I'm hopeful we'll find a way forward. CJ's  mum had arrived during my meeting, so once it was finished I had time for a chat with her, before driving over to Oundle to pick Alex up from work. 

It seems to have been a fairly hectic week - I'm looking forward to q relatively quiet weekend, and maybe a chance to get some paid work done!

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