I do love finding new words, discovering the meaning and realising that they apply to me - mostly in a good way, of course, 

I found two new words recently - and must confess, I not only thought of me, but also of my Blip friend, HarlingDarling and she will know why!

The first word was “FOSSICK” which apparently, is an Australian word, means “to rummage or search”.  It was originally used in both Australia and New Zealand and meant “to search for gold or gemstones, typically by picking over abandoned workings.”  Of course, both HarlingDarling and I (and my daughter-in-law) love fossicking around in charity shops, and I daresay many others like to do the same.  I know, from reading HarlingDarling’s Blips over the years, how she loves to find treasures that don’t cost the earth and then re-invent them to make something special as a gift.  I don’t do it quite to that extent, but I do love to find a bargain and a treasure!

The second word is the one associated with my books today and it is “TSUNDOKU” - a Japanese word which means “to acquire reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them.”  Again, this brought another Blip friend to mind, MarionB, and I told her about this when I saw she had blipped a pile of books that she was in the middle of reading.

This is a pile of books from around our home, which either Mr. HCB or I am in the middle of either reading or “dipping into”,  and many of our books would be classed as  that sort.  I often wonder, when I go into someone’s home, and don’t see any books, how they cope - we certainly couldn’t live without books and I think we probably have books in every room - you will not find a "pristine showhouse" if you visit, but you will be made very welcome and you will have plenty of books to choose from!

Many of the books were gifts and people obviously know what we like - there is even one in the middle from my new sister and brother-in-law in America - but it doesn’t have the title on the spine - it’s under “Benedictus” by John O’Donohue, which was a gift from a dear Blip friend.  It’s entitled, “Be Soulful, Be True - Uplifting Words for the Journey” - so even before meeting, but after lots of messages flying “Across the Pond” in the last few months, they know what sort of books I like!  

My all-time favourite book has to be “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” by Charlie Mackesy - but you will have to zoom in to see this one.  It’s a most beautiful book and I can thoroughly recommend it - if  you haven’t seen or heard of it, do look online - it’s the perfect gift and I bought with some money my Mother gave me just before she died - so a good reminder of her each time I read it.  I’ve even got the audio version, read by Charlie himself and it is wonderful.

Maybe I should take note and start reading the book that’s on the very top of this pile, “Be Still” by Brian Heasley, another gift from a friend - which is an invitation in this often busy world, to slow down.  

I was looking for an “intellectual” quote about books, but found this and it made me laugh out loud!

“Take a good book to bed with you - 
     books do not snore.” 
Thea Dorn

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