David J. Rose

By djrose007

Where has the Buddleia gone!

At the side of our house we have a strip of vegetable garden with the original hedging in place between it and the road (The Oaks).
A few years ago a Buddleia appeared, as they do apparently by magic! It has steadily taken over a large area and it is time to do something about it. It's just getting too big, and this is the time of year to cut them back.
The top photograph shows it as it is now that I've cut a lot out, the one I took before I started turned out to be a blurred, green, squiggle! You can see how thick some of it is with one branch visible just above the lip of the skip.
Luckily, we still have the skip on our drive from the men doing the paths in the back garden, so that's where it's going.
It was piled up quite high and Marlane was a bit worried that if it's too high they might not take it. I got the small steps out, climbed into the skip and trod it all down. You probably know that Buddleia snaps very easily so I successfullly reduced the height by about half. I may put some more in tomorrow.

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