A Day In The Life

By Irish59

You Are My Sunshine

During the winter months when the sun is shining the cold seems more tolerable. Like today, for instance, we peaked at 4F with the windchill below zero, but it didn’t seem all that bad if dressed properly. Without it, the day would have been dark, bleak, and felt even colder • This goldfinch would agree. The lilac trees were full of both gold and house finches this morning, all soaking up the glorious sunshine. It wasn’t exactly warming but it still felt good :) • Other than feeding our wildlife friends I’ve remained indoors, MrsP too. Even Newt only braved the cold once until a gust of wind sent her running to the door to come back in. A feral cat no more, LoL, she’s turned into a softie like the rest of us • Happy Saturday, my friends!

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