DIY Not 2

My plans for external DIY have been somewhat spoilt by the cold and wind this week, so today I completed that which I had not completed this week. I've now painted the eves that I can get at and felled a badly located holly tree. The hope is I won't have to paint the eves for a few years and a well located holly will now grow to replaced the other.

During most of the day I could hear the peacocks callings, they are now into full mating behaviour, but sadly for them there are no females in the village so it's all in vain.

As with last year: DIY Not they are pretty useless assistants. All the do is strut around the garden with not a care in the world and call. At least a dog can fetch a ball and a cat catches mice but peacocks are just for display purposes only...!

Anyhow after I hung the second round of laundry out - it's been safe enough to put things on the line without finding them on the other side of the fence within 10 seconds today - I took a few pictures of Pierre who was calling his little heart out on the rear lawn. I'm not sure who he thought he was impressing there was only me and some laundry with him but I was able to get a few half decent shots. I used my flash gun as he always wants to stand in his own shadow...!

Time for a pizza now...

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