Finger of Fog

An oft-photographed view from Spike's Walk but I liked the finger of fog moving up Rincon Valley. The Sonoma Valley begins a mile or two up the road and we could see a similar finger of fog against the hills of Anadale State Park out our kitchen window. They  quickly dissipated and we have enjoyed a beautiful day. It feels almost like summer, but I know if I take the covers off the furniture on the porch it will quickly become wintry and rain....I should probably take the covers off anyway, jut to make sure the furniture underneath isn't getting all moldy!

I went to the dentist today and spent an hour with the Candi the hygienist and 3 minutes with the dentist.. Candi is a character and regaled me with stories about her dogs, the t-shirts he daughter gave her for Christmas and how tired she is getting of Covid and all its necessary precautions . I told her that coming to see her and get my teeth cleaned was the most exciting thing that had happened in weeks. She told me she was very excited about a guy who was coming tomorrow to clean out her dryer vent. When she was finished, the dentist came in and without a word, looked at my teeth poking this one and that one and kept talking to Candi about me as if I weren't there. When he said to Candi, 'Does she have insurance' I had to speak up and answer the question for myself, for who would know better?

I had every intention of mopping the floor after John vacuumed it, for he said he would do the vacuuming after Caroline quit. He's very thorough, placing the chairs on top of the table and the side tables on top of the chairs, but he never puts anything back. And he never finished, leaving the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the floor for Spike to run into and wandering off. So I never mopped the floor. I doubt if he noticed since he doesn't seem to have noticed that the vacuum is still in the middle of the floor.

The installer took the molding off the door to install the hot water heater yesterday. I'm not sure why he did this because it didn't make the opening any bigger, but couldn't put it back again because his nail gun was missing/broken/he couldn't find the nails, or something a bit incomprehensible to us (even the young guy working with him didn't seem to understand what he wanted much of the time) and said he'd. 'come back' to put it back on. He was a bit vague about the when part, but David is coming tomorrow to discuss the shower partition and the timing of the work on the master bathroom, so maybe he can put the molding back on.

We must be more bored than we thought we were. Reading this entry is really boring me, so I'll stop now.

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