The second half of life..

By twigs

Gaillardia again....

This is one of these from the underside.  The more I look at this flower, the more I like about it.  Its seed head may be the next story.....

Wood-stackers G & Z came round this morning to start on the large pile - thankfully, it was a lot cooler for them this morning.  They made a great start and will hopefully have it all finished by early next week sometime.  The rest of the day was spent tidying up lose ends after yesterday's busy-ness.

In COVID news, there were 23 new community cases today; 18 people are in hospital and 1 in ICU.  Our first Omicron community case has been confirmed, though has been doing all the right things since noticing the symptoms so fingers crossed.......  We also have 1 COVID case reported in the Nelson region with a further 8 household contacts also identified, though not yet accounted for in the daily figures.

I just read that Meatloaf has of the most beautiful, powerful but gentle voices of all time  :'(

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