Neil wasn't at work till this evening so it was a good day for me to pop down and meet Luna.  As usual I had trouble with the buses.  First one didn't turn up.  Next one was late.  Neil doesn't live too far away but having to go by public transport doesn't make it easy.

Got off the bus in Swalwell and had a pleasant walk to Neils house.  It was cold but dry and bright. 

Luna was cute and friendly. She had bursts of energy and then had a rest for a while before she was off again.  She enjoyed pulling my shoelaces loose and chewing on them.  And grabbing my hair.  She is 2 months old today so has a lot to learn. 

I was at Neils for around 3 hours getting to know Luna .... and getting some " instructions " for tomorrow..... when Im doing my first session of " Doggy Day Care".  It will only be for a short while in the afternoon when both Neil and Rachael are at work so she's not left on her own for too long.

When I left Neil's I walked to Lidl for food shopping then more walking to get the bus home.  

Steps today - 9,585

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