Up, up in the roof

Rain all day today - definitely not one for gardening!

We carried on with the loft lagging - most of it had been down when we bought the house, with the exception of the difficult bits! Not a very enjoyable task, what with face masks, low headroom and very small joists - it was very tempting to get a man in, but I suppose we might as well finish. The latest rolls of lagging we bought are horrible - very loose and easily ripped, but too late to worry about it now!

Tonight is out first attempt at Zoom at the Photographic Club, hoping to do it through the laptop and projector rather than have everyone sitting at home. I think we've got it sussed - it's the remote judging of our 'Silhouettes' competition, so I've got the trophy out and polished it up. No, I didn't win it last year - as Competition Secretary it seems to be my job to store them up in the loft, keep them clean and get them engraved.  Most of them weren't handed out last year - not sure why, COVID probably. Blame it for everything!

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