Gardening tools

Well, what a surprise! The sun came out this morning!  I decided it was a gardening day - what there is left of it before I finally out about 11am by which time the sun had disappeared. Mrs M came down to stand on the ladder while I tried to remove more native ferns to make space for exotics. No kneeling down picking out seedling weeds in this garden!

Came back out after lunch and by about 3.30 the sun was out again. Great! A neighbour came by and told me that she'd been to the doctor and that her blood pressure was fine. Then it began to rain so I came back in. Another exciting day in Bliptown. Is it any surprise that we Brits always talk about the weather or our health?

'Foot in mouth' Quote of the Day - 

"The report (on Foot and Mouth) speaks for itself. It's a very good report. It's a very long report. I haven't read the report." Labour MP Keith Vaz, 2001.

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