Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Balletic silliness

Today I met this moorhen and friend.  I always think of them as very silly birds - they see you, squawk loudly and flap away at high speed.  So I was astonished when walking down a narrow path in the reserve, to be accosted by this one running out in front of me, snatching the mealworms I'd just scattered for a robin and almost treading on my toes!  At which point one of the birders I'd been talking to earlier tootled past and chucked his sandwich crust at the other moorhen lurking in the bushes.  Well mayhem!  I've never seen a sandwich crust grabbed so fast.  The bird who got hold of it is in extras, doing a balletic move of glorious silliness.  Good for Saturday and very dear Admirer!

Hope your weekend's been a good one, lovely blippers  xx

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