After. And Before

Wow! A big day in the build at Ingleman Towers.

The electricians came to do the final fix. 

It's done


Our magnificent 3 metre by 3.5 metre extension is complete.

Apart from  a few bits of touching up.

Mrs I has christened the shower and gives it the thumbs up. 

Tomorrow we finish clearing the garage to see which car will fit. 

I can't believe it. We started on 3rd October, so four months to the day and I promise, on my life, I will never do it again. Kevin McLoud can kiss my arse spotty little botty. The extra shows just a few of the 'befores' 

I intend to blip the garage with a car in it, and before the build started, as a record of a lifetime's clutter, gone.

It is difficult to overstate how cleansing this experience is. And I haven't tried the shower yet! 

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