By strawhouse

Harris and Hoole

Continuing my "Cafes of Buckingham" series, here's one I took earlier in Harris and Hoole. We had to get a few bits from Tesco and a key cut for Miss L so we decided to have a cup of tea while we were there. Well, why not? It's only fifty times the price of a cup of tea at home!!
Mr K is stood at the counter and I'm sat at the fourth table I'd tried trying to find the best spot to eavesdrop on people's conversations for notes in my notebook.
Annoyingly my door key was bent so the man in the key cutting place said it was probably best to copy another one. And get myself a new one while we're at it.
It does explain why I've been finding the door so chuffing difficult to open!
Home for a bit more tea before my first webinar of the new term. I had been dreading it - new tutor, new people, new module - Writing the Short Story this term, new platform - Teams instead of whatever it was last term, new time - 4pm just as the Little Misses get in and want dinner/snacks/coffee (Miss E)/anything to eat/snacks/dinner/ice lollies/to know why there isn't anything to eat...... Sigh!
They were good and didn't disturb me too much. Although I did worry I must have looked like a loon on Teams smiling and nodding and giving the odd thumbs up to someone off right. Ha ha ha!!
But it was good and I'm feeling slightly more inspired than I was the other day.

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