Life's My Adventure

By WildEnglishGirl

Endless Bottles

Being a mother is huge privilege and I love every moment of it. Yes, there are the interrupted nights, the endless bottles of formula and a mountain of laundry that needs doing. Yet, all these things pale in light of Little Man's consistant happiness and joy. He is such a smiley, happy little person and its so much fun being around him. He is growing and developing daily. The little milestones, like his learning how to respond to a spoon approaching his mouth with food on, are bonuses to having this child.

We're all doing well. Teething is in full swing but there are still loads of smiles and giggles to go round. Despite being exhausted (I've had issues falling asleep), Little Man and I have been taking naps together during the day, which is lovely. He does love his cuddles.

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