Well, I recall where I was for 9/11, when the space shuttle exploded and I recall where I was when Diana died. So today when I got into the car to go to pick up the girls I listened to Radio Scotland. Surprisingly it was not the usual collection of truly dreadful Scottish pomposity songs on a stick, it was a conversation which I listened to distractedly. Then they mentioned that Margaret Thatcher was dead.

The irony of it was, as Radio Scotland continued with special programmes about Thatcher while all the other BBC channels were business as usual. Radios 1 2 3 and 4 no change to scheduled programmes, Radio Scotland, the land where she was roundly, erm not really the flavour of the month, continued to analyse her life.

I do not know what to say. Frankly this woman more than anyone was responsible for me leaving Scotland way back when.

Anyway on a lighter note, I loved, my daughter's inadvertent attempt at humour when doing her homework.

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